Crack Filling

Crack fill is a molten rubber product engineered to bond to the asphalt and expand and contract over cracks to lock out water. Different grades are used to match with the temperature ranges of your specific climate.
Crack Filling
Crack Filling is crucial in maintaining the asphalt for the long term. Any opening in your asphalt is a place where large amounts of water can get underneath the asphalt and quickly destroy the sub-structure that supports it. We recommend filling all cracks more than ¼ inch wide and maintaining them consistently every 1 to 3 years and sealing over hairline cracks.

Asphalt Protectors uses the highest quality crack fill available, specifically engineered for it’s bonding & stretching abilities and designed to withstand the extremes of temperature ranges in your specific climate.

Alligatored area occur when the sub-structure has failed. These areas should be replaced to avoid their growth. Crack fill is not a good solution for these types of cracks.

Cracks larger than 3 inches are generally more economically to repair than maintained with crack filling. They can be cut out as a 2 foot wide allowing the new replacement asphalt to be properly compacted. Although this approach works well in most cases, it can become uneven.

Asphalt Protectors has an even better approach, called “Seamless Repairs” where we use the newest infrared technology to weld the asphalt in place, providing a better repair. Best of all, this can be very affordable.