Traffic Control Signs, Speed Bumps and Parking Bumpers

Traffic Calming: Speed Bumps and Humps

Speed bumps and humps help to reduce speeds for greater traffic safety in pedestrian zones. A speed bump is a more abrupt raise (about 3” to 4”) in the pavement used to calm traffic speeds down to 2 to 10 mph. Speed humps are less aggressive than a speed bump as they are widened for a longer travel length. Speed humps typically calm speeds down to around 10 to 15 mph. Both options can be formed with asphalt and are striped with traffic paint after installation so they are seen by drivers.

Parking Bumpers

Using parking stops in parking spaces can greatly reduce the risk of vehicle or property damage and keep vehicles where you want them. Wheel stops keep cars back away from sidewalks where pedestrian frequently travel increasing safety in these areas. By designating parking spots and serving as a guide for cars, these stops can help manage your spaces. We remove, re-install, and replace rubber and concrete parking bumpers in 4’ or 6’ lengths. We prefer the rubber parking bumpers as they are less prone to breakage.

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs help to communicate how you want vehicle traffic to behave on your pavements. Reduce the risks of liability and safety by using signage. We install anything from handicap signs to stop signs and even custom signs. Handicap spaces are federally and locally regulated. Ensure you are compliant today!

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