Asphalt Materials

Pitch Black Seal is a National Wholesale Distributor with plants all over US. The first plant built is located right here in Reno NV.

What is Pitch Black®?

Pitch Black® is a custom rubberized asphalt emulsion blended with select minerals, polymers and chemicals to produce the finest product. Each additive was selected for its characteristics that ultimately produce a sealcoat with the deepest and longest lasting color, firmest body, and greatest durability. It is extraordinarily tough, flexible and water repellent. The co-efficient of expansion and contraction of Pitch Black® asphalt pavement sealer is identical to that of asphalt pavement and has a natural affinity for bonding to asphalt pavement. Performance in the field and lab testing confirm the superiority of Pitch Black® over competitive products in the marketplace.

The Benefits of Using Pitch Black®

  • Provides a non-slip surface for walkways, tennis courts, playgrounds, parking lots & traffic areas  Seals in asphalt oils / seals out ultraviolet rays and water
  • Fills in and smooths pavement voids
  • Restores the surface to a rich black color
  • Non-toxic, non-tracking and easy to clean up
  • Easy to apply – squeegee or spray application
  • Protects your investment – prolongs the life of your asphalt pavement

Pitch Black® vs. Coal Tar

Are you a coal tar advocate? Chances are you’ve tried one brand of asphalt emulsion sealcoat and had a negative experience. We’ve heard about the fading, cracking, limited durability, etc. of asphalt emulsion products that hit the market and crashed. But did you know that Pitch Black® Asphalt Emulsion Sealcoat has been in the industry for almost 30 years? The West Coast has been using asphalt emulsion sealcoat since the 1980s. Coal tar was abandoned by most West Coast contractors to avoid the risk of harmful health and environmental effects. With the right asphalt emulsion sealcoat formula, you can get even better performance from your sealcoat without the drawbacks of coal tar. Here are some points to consider:


  • Non-toxic – no hazardous material placards needed.
  • Easy to clean up – can be cleaned up with water
  • Dries quickly – you can stripe the same day
  • Compatible with water-based or oil-based striping paint
  • Easy to apply – can use squeegee or spray application
  • Longevity – maintains a lasting deep black color
  • Availability – more states & manufacturers are turning to asphalt emulsion sealcoat


  • Toxic? – considered hazardous by growing number of states & can burn skin
  • Difficult to remove – cleaning requires solvent and may leave yellow stains
  • Longer drying and set up time
  • Not compatible with oil-based striping paint (may turn stripes brown)
  • SAME
  • Color Lightens – usually turns to blue tint in a relatively short period of time
  • Restricted – a growing number of states are drafting legistlation to restrict and/or eliminate the use of coal tar