Private Roadwork

Asphalt Protectors is a recognized local expert in the construction of private commercial and residential roads, parking lots, and driveways in the greater Reno, NV area. We’re properly equipped to handle site preparation and excavation in the trying conditions of the High Desert in the Northern Nevada, the installation of storm drains for proper water run-off in our clay-heavy soils, and the final application of a professional, smooth asphalt surface. These are an attractive addition to your business or residential development that also drains well and is safe for employees, visitors and residents is our primary goal. Asphalt Protectors offers years of experience, competitive pricing, quality construction and on-time delivery.

Our satisfied customers include building contractors, subdivision developers, industrial plant operators, individual business owners, and churches.

For more information about Asphalt Protectors’ private commercial and residential work, or to inquire about how Asphalt Protectors can make your project a reality, contact